SkinDream ®

Cosmetic ultrasound for home-use
In the medical field ultrasound has been used for many years as a conservative, diagnostic procedure. Especially in the orthopedic field, ultrasound has been used for therapy purposes, such as treating localized muscle tension. An interesting discovery was made: on body parts where the sonic head came in contact with the skin, a remarkable improvement in the condition of the skin could be seen and felt. Based on this discovery, the technical invention of cosmetic ultrasound devices began. SkinDream® is the result of a composition of optimal system parameters combined with an easy and safe application for home use. The sophisticated and smooth design makes ergonomic application possible.  The SkinDream® hand-held device will be shipped with the charge-station,  adapter and one tube (200 ml) “ultrasonic gel”.
Ultrasound Treatments with SkinDream® from a Medical Perspective

Effects and impact on the organism and indications
The cosmetic benefits of ultrasound were discovered in the medical field where it had been used for decades as a safe and conservative diagnostic imaging. With the help of a coupling medium (gel), placed either on the sonic head or the anatomy to be examined, the sound waves penetrate the body and reflect with the appropriate technical composition, images from the inside of the body. The most common example is the ultrasound imaging of the unborn baby. Therapeutic uses of ultrasound have existed for a long time in the field of therapy. Ultrasound supports orthopaedic treatments by relaxing muscles and increasing the blood circulation. It was during these treatments, that the positive effects on the skin were discovered. Patients treated for muscle tension noticed not only increased blood circulation in the muscles, but also visible improvement of their skin in the treated areas. This discovery prompted the development of “cosmetic ultrasound” devices.
The effects of ultrasound on the organism are very complex and depend largely on:
  • The Intensity
  • Treatment Duration
  • The Sound Field
  • The Type of Tissue
  • Tissue Density
  • Biological Variations
  • The frequency and intensity of ultrasound waves are of paramount importance. Both factors define and influence the thermal, mechanical and chemical components and allow for a versatile range of treatments in the field of aesthetics.
    SkinDream® operates with 1 MHz, a frequency that research and studies have proven to produce the most effective results on the skin and related indications.
    The focus of treatment with continuous ultrasound (therapeutic ultrasound, orthopaedic) is to increase blood circulation, while for cosmetic ultrasound treatments pulsed ultrasound is optimal and preferred.
    These vibrations produce mechanical and chemical effects in each skin layer and also facilitate thermal (increase in blood circulation) effects.
    SkinDream® improves the metabolism in the skin
    The localized thermal effect during ultrasound treatment increases blood circulation, oxygen supply to the skin cells as well as the metabolism. At the same time, this entire process accelerates the lymphatic circulation. Lymphatic drainage is improved and excess toxins are eliminated from the skin layers.
    SkinDream® activates cell regeneration
    The mechanical effect of impulse ultrasound (micro massage), causes the dermal tissue to vibrate. The combined effect of vibration and deep penetration flushes the entire skin structure. This elimination of so-called “waste products” from individual skin layers and the activation of collagen and elastin synthesis restores firmness and elasticity to the skin. Cells are regenerated quickly and the newly-formed cells are transported to the outer skin layer by way of an accelerated metabolism. This mechanism achieves what is referred to as the “bolster-effect” that is responsible for reducing and softening lines and wrinkles.
    SkinDream® strengthens and tightens connective tissue
    The combination of heat and pressure from pulsating ultrasound adjusts the ph –level (alkaline) value in the skin. Tissue is revitalized, which produces a firming effect. It should be noted that only continuous treatments over time lead to these desired results.
    SkinDream® facilitates effective penetration of active ingredients
    The micro-massage causes “friction” among the individual skin layers. Even the smallest molecules detach from the skin layer and the skin becomes more “transparent” The experts speak of “sonophoresis”. Through sonophoresis liquid, active ingredients (i.e. hyaluronic acid, vitamin complex, collagen and elastin products) can penetrate into the deeper layer of the skin. The effectiveness of these active ingredients is not only increased but also enabled.
    Potential SkinDream® BENEFITS and FEATURES
  • Tones underlying face muscles
  • Reduces fine lines and softens deeper wrinkles
  • Tones, tightens skin and reduces puffiness
  • Gently exfoliates increasing softness and glow of skin
  • Improves blood circulation & accelerates cell renewal
  • Soothes inflammation & promotes wound healing
  • Increases moisture retention of the skin
  • Heals acne, destroys bacteria and regulates sebum production
  • Reduces pore size
  • Regulates metabolism enhancing nutrient & oxygen supply to the cells
  • Acts in deeper layer of the skin
  • Heals Rosacea & reduces age spots
  • Micro-massages skin & delays the aging process
  • SONOPHORESIS:increases skin’s permeability allowing products to penetrate into deeper layer
  • makes your favourite skincare products much more effective
  • Tolerated by the most sensitive skin
    Ultrasound at 1 MHz penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin regulating and improving skin conditions, including aging, at the root by doubling the collagen production.  Unlike other methods, that are designed to deal with superficial skin problems, ultrasound addresses the actual causes of skin problems at the skin layer where it develops.
    Unlike cheaper units, often manufactured in China, Taiwan or Japan, SkinDream® is manufactured by MediConsult, a German company, which has been manufacturing equipment for the medical industry for the last 15 years and selling in over 13 countries.  SkinDream® is the most advanced, patented ultrasound unit for home use on the market today.  It comes with all of the safety features including thermo safeguarding.  MediConsult designs, manufactures and controls every part of SkinDream® in their own plant and ships the units from there.  Cheaper units are of mediocre quality, unsafe, become ineffective and simply do not produce the same results.  Often, they do not meet safety standards.  In order to sell these units, manufacturers re-label their units (without making actual changes to the unit) to meet standards in North America or Europe.  This type of equipment can be very dangerous, malfunction or at the very least be ineffective.  The danger arises because of possible leakage (ultrasound reaching areas that it shouldn’t such as over your eyes) and uncontrolled frequency can cause serious long-term damage that may not be experienced for quite some time.  The FDA has issued warning to that effect.  While ultrasound technology may be viewed as simple, making it work safely, reliable and effectively on your skin is not.  SkinDream® comes with a 2-year warranty.  Offshore units frequently do not come with any warranty or one that is rarely honoured should a problem arise.
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