Magnetic Resonance Stimulation (MRS2000) and Sound & Light Relaxation System (SLRS) Testimonials

"The MRS2000 mat is incredible. It is very relaxing and refreshing to lie on the mat and have all the cells in my body oxygenated. Then Judy had me put on the eye-ware and headset (SLRS) to help me be even more relaxed and WOW what a difference! It took the relaxation of the mat to a whole new level. It neutralized any problems I had going through my mind in the moment and just felt like it cleansed me. I love it. It’s the perfect preparation before Judy does her Micro-organism Elimination work for me. I’ve been going to Judy about a year now and I am a totally different BETTER me. I think every body should have the work done on them that Judy does. I feel very blessed to have her only a 15 minute drive from me."
Anthony M.

It is amazing to experience the difference in my life that the Magnetic Resonance System (MRS2000) mat has made. Not only is it relaxing, I have noticed fewer and fewer migraines every time in between my sessions with Judy. The Sound and Light Relaxation System (SLRS) has been a different experience each time. I see different colours and feel cleansed of emotional baggage. I find myself waking up exceptionally early on the mornings I have healing with Judy because I am so eager to lie on the mat and use the SLRS for the elated feeling it gives me.  
Alicia W.

My name is April, I am 20 years old, and was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis at the tender age of 11.
One day I woke up and as I went to stand I immediately fell over. The best way I can describe the feeling is having stones or rocks in every joint in my toes. It was so painful. Since thenI have been on and off of SO many different medications such as: Diclofinact, Naproxan, Prednisone, Humaira, Enbrel, Orencia, Methotraxate, and the list just goes on. All of these medicines were supposed to be the“miracle” I was waiting for. I was constantly sick and my immune system was so low I was advised not to evenbe in the public. I had to wear a mask during cold and flu season if I did go somewhere there was going to be lots of people. My weight was all over the place, I was loosing my hair, my nails stopped growing. Things were just not looking up for me. I was starting to get really discouraged and felt as though this is just how my life is going to be and I need to suck it up. Every time I would go to my specialist they would just say: ”Be happy that you’re not in a wheel chair, maybe you should start saving up for one”.

Around March of 2011 I decided this is just not the way I want to live my life, I mean eventually I want to have kids! As I started making those little changes everything just fell into place. I met the most amazing holistic healing practitioner, who has helped me SO much I could not even begin to explain. I will forever be in debt to her. She introduced me to the MRS mat, which has changed my life! I feel closer and closer to being healthier every time I use it. There has been so many times where I would literally crawl into her office from all the pain almost in tears, have a session on the MRS mat and confidently walk out of there and get intomy car as if I had never been in pain.

Since using this intelligent wellness mat I am proud to say that I am off all of my medication, and have gone from getting IV injections once a week and taking 10 pills a day to simply just laying down plugging in and relaxing! I have not had any medication since the beginning of March 2011 and I am 100% confident that I will never need them again. Being able to wake up and not have to remember which pills you have to take next is the best feeling in the world. Words can just not say how much love and gratitude I feel for being able to usesuch an amazing technology.
I want to thank EVERYONE involved in this amazing company! You have truly changed my life.

April B., St. Catharines, ON Canada

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