Micro-organism Elimination Testimonials

ÔĽŅI want to thank you for the Micro-organism Elimination sessions that you have provided over the last few months. You have done an excellent job. You have given me the confidence and tools to change my life spiritually, emotionally and physically. Everything happens for a reason! Thank you
Dawn K.

Thanks again for all your great Micro-organism Elimination work!
Doris B.

Mom is always talking voicing her opinion, and very critical of herself, but takes it out on everyone else. I have noticed positive changes in her since the Micro-organism Elimination work. She says she is feeling better every day.
Thanks Jane P.

I just had to say a huge thank you for your continuing care of me with your Micro-organism Elimination work.
Sharon H.

Thanks so much for the Micro-organism work you did for me...I really enjoyed it and I am looking forward to researching the remedies...I love researching!!
Kathryn W.

This Micro-organism Elimination session I found particularly helpful and interesting. I was most interested to learn why I can explode at times. I find this to be so out of character for me. It does not happen often, but when it does, oooffff.....I welcome the change. Thank you
MaryAnn R.

I was reading the remedy info regarding my Micro-organism results. Blew me away. So true, especially about the animals and the perfectionism!!!! Thank you for your wonderful work. I feel better already.
Janice A.

Thank you so much for all of your Micro-organism Elimination work. It has paid off as I'm feeling free, healthy and fabulous.
Heather H.

Thanks again for another wonderful Micro-organism Elimination session. I continue to be amazed at how much information and healing that you provide! My children and I have been clients of Judyís for a couple of years and while it may be difficult at first to determine if the remedies Judy infuses for her clients are working, both my son and I had blood work done, and both blood tests determined and concurred with the remedies that Judy infused for both of us. For another son, the remedies truly come at the appropriate time for his mental, emotional and physical well being. I have also had experience with Judyís "remote" healing sessions, and can say that those show results as well. I would not hesitate to recommend these treatments to someone who would be ready to receive them with an open mind and open heart.
Adelene W.

I had a great night's sleep! Usually, I wake up a lot all night, but not last night. As I was relaxing after dinner, I felt quite mellow and a bit spacey. It was great not to feel as stressed as I usually do. I want to say a great big Thank You for the Micro-organism Elimination treatment.
Brenda T.

Thanks Judy for a great Micro-organism Elimination session today. I feel I'm in good hands and you are guiding me where I need to go. Thanks ever so much.
Patricia B.

At first the difference Judyís work made on me was subtle. But now, going on to my fourth session, I notice how much different I look at myself and how much kinder I am to me. I also deal with my everyday stress so much better, itís like I see everything differently. I have more patience and understanding of myself and others. Thanks to Judy I have started to enjoy and love my life again.
Alicia W.

I swear it gave me the confidence and strength to handle the funeral I had to attend. The thing that makes me the happiest is how I can breathe through my nose. Sinus Fungus was one of my remedies. I never realized how I breathed through my mouth and had bad breath.
Judy S.

Thank you very very very much! I just woke at 8:30am, which usually is 6am. I went to sleep at 9:30pm. I havenít slept like this in a longggggg time! So I send you much gratitude. I also already feel more at ease. What you have done is truly amazing. THANK YOU!
Carley S.

Just to keep you informed that I still feel great and yes! Lighter! And YES, some small changes. Iíve referred you to a few friends who could use some help. I truly believe in what you do.
Becky L.

Thank you for being the spiritual guide for this lifetime.
Carol S.

Hello Judy!
I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed our session and that I can't believe how much calmer I feel. A definite shift! Like someone took a pin to a balloon and deflated it! I am grateful for all that you do and your help.
Peace and Blessings,Louise B.

Thank you so much Judy! I feel much calmer since last night's session. In appreciation and gratitude.
Marybeth H.

It is always a pleasure to see you. You have given me so much hope for my future including my relationships, health and so much more.
Cristina S.

I just wanted to extend my sincere gratitude to you. I have felt great the last couple of days and things seem to be coming in clearer for me. I most definitely see and feel the benefit in the work you did for me, and I"m sure it"s even greater than I realize. So I just wanted you to know that I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart!! Thank you, thank you,
Stacee S.

I am actually doing extremely well. After I saw you I was offered a job and some great people have been entering my life. I have not had any anxiety since I have seen you as well, which is fantastic. The two referrals that I sent you have said that they were very pleased with your services. I will definitely keep the referrals coming, you have truly helped my life! Thanks!!!!
Danielle D.

My appt with you today was very beneficial, and I am blessed to have met you. Judy you are an amazing lady and I thank you again. Sincerely,
Heather K.

Thanks Judy, for being my friend, when I am blind, and cannot see, and for providing me with my angels, who continue to guide me. I am truly grateful God brought you into my life. Otherwise I may still be walking blindly in a field in my mind Ė not knowing which way to turn!
By the way, the remedies are starting to take effect Ė my eyesight has improved since the session Ė and so too, my clarity on what I need to do in the next steps of my journey down this road. Thanks ever so much!!!
Hugs, Oraine D.

Thank you so much for the treatment.
Since our session I stated my boundaries and what is acceptable treatment, to my husband for the first time ever.I wasn't emotional or stressed, I was actually so centered and calm and since then I have felt very, very different. I am clairsentient and my entire life I have assessed the situation and then moved into the frequency of those I was with... or somewhere near their frequency. Many people love being around me and say how easy it is to talk and be with me. I did this subconsciously for most of my life and only in the past few years as I have been asking myself.. who am I? Have I noticed that I shift all over the scale.
Since my treatment from you.... I am solid. I don't feel like I am taking on otherís emotions, thoughts and feelings.... I still sense where they are at but I don't wear their stuff. I feel centered and stable. One of the 5 warts on my foot have disappeared, the others are smaller and I know eventually as we meet for our next micro-organism treatment... they too will leave my system.
Things feel a little sad for me at home because my husband sees the shift and he is sitting back and I am not sure if he can raise his vibration to a level where he honors and respects anyone but himself. I pray for him because he is very unhappy... but I now know that just because he chooses to be unhappy I no longer need to.
So, I can't say that over night I grew angel wings and became a body of complete light with no pain or issues ... but things are moving and I know I am healing. I would like to continue with treatments because I feel like this is just the beginning. Thank you Judy, I feel like I have a long road in front of me but at least I am on the road! Love to you.
Amy W.

Hi Judy:
Just wanted to touch base with you and let you know I am improving slowly even after just one session with you. My eye sight is almost completely back.
Elizabeth H.

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