EFT Session Testimonials

"I have a real phobia about driving in heavy traffic areas, especially with ramps that are elevated. I tried the tapping and drove on an expressway, with ease and comfort that normally I would have avoided like the plague. That convinced me!"
Pat Pietri

"The EFT is working great for me, it is night 13 of falling asleep without the pain of the Invisible Chronic Illness (fibromyalgia) and this is a phenomenal record for me. Since 1991, the onset of this illness, I have not had two pain free nights in a row. You are very much appreciated and a great big "Thank you"
Janet Cole

From someone suffering from anxiety "since birth". She had severe panic attacks with many things, especially driving. She had tried EVERYTHING... "The rapidity of the process (EFT) was so energizing that I felt the flow throughout my body for hours. This morning I took myself for a "test drive" (literally and figuratively) and.... I did not hyperventilate, panic or sense anxiety. It was almost weird not to have my ex-companion nagging at me. Thank you
Dr. Nina B.

"I had so many problems that I never thought I would ever be well again. Using EFT for my asthma has helped me breath normally for months now. I no longer have to keep my inhaler with me or worry about an attack at the worst times. I use EFT for headaches, cramps, and stress and it's never failed to work for me. I'm off my medications and feel better than I have in over 20 years...both physically and emotionally. I've even used EFT for my low self esteem and it's helped me feel confident and begin to like my old self again. Using it for the anger I felt toward my ex-husband helped me not only tolerate him but to get along with him much better. Our kids are really happy about that. Thanks for your patience and for teaching me how to make EFT a part of my life!"
Sondra S.

From someone with low self-esteem and zero confidence...I'm just amazed at how grounded and sure of myself I am today. Honestly, I feel like a different person. I can tell in the core of my being that this is who I am truly meant to be!"
Carson K.

"I have been using EFT Tapping the past weeks on a few things - seasonal allergies, diet, etc... One night when I went to bed my eyes were itching and my nose was so stuffy that I couldn't breathe well - I did a few rounds on each symptom and felt much better. I did have to do it again in the morning, but it helped me breathe more easily.... I don't like taking allergy meds, so the Tapping is a great help. I've also tried it at work in the afternoon when I'm feeling low energy. It does help!"
Liam R.

A golfer used EFT to go from being a 95-100 golfer to one who has had many rounds in the 70's. This level of improvement rarely happens with conventional instruction. He used EFT consistently on the golf course for each part of his game, and often zeroed in on particular types of shots. Here is how he used EFT to improve his putting..."After using EFT I found that I began to feel much more confident over the putts and some actually went in the cup. Three-putts to get the ball in the hole began to disappear and, within three months, my average scores went from 95-100 down to 85-90. I've had many rounds in the 70's during the past year and I am now setting a goal of shooting below 70. The process (EFT) works equally well with each shot in the game, not just the putter. In fact, I now use EFT before beginning the round.
Ron J.

"All I can say is EFT really works! I had been in therapy for years over being sexually abused as a child. Nothing really worked until EFT. After just a few minutes of tapping I felt a load lift off of my shoulders. Now, after clearing a lot of old baggage from the past, I feel a freedom and light-heartedness I've never before experienced. The best part is that I never have to relive old painful memories or have them stop me from getting what I want out of life. For the first time in my life I really love myself. I use EFT everyday as regularly as brushing my teeth! It truly is an amazing tool."
Jeri S.

"My relationship with my husband was breaking up when we discovered EFT. Frankly, I didn't think there was any hope for our marriage, but was willing to try anything. Years of therapy and many bottles of Prozac hadn't worked, so I wasn't very optimistic. But after "tapping away" tons of anger, resentment and frustration, my husband and I both began to see the real issues...which we were able to deal with through EFT.... It seems odd at first when you're doing it, but the results are absolutely amazing. I use it all the time now when I get stressed out, have PMS, or a headache."
Bette D.

"The itching and rash are all gone now and what a relief it is. A specific point on my arm that I concentrated on while we were tapping disappeared instantaneously and even though I tried to re-stimulate it later, just to test myself, it was all gone!!! Thanks again."
Dr. Nina B.

"I use EFT to help me sleep at night, for stress relief, and to relax before difficult meetings. It was worth the money just for those issues. But I use it on other things as they come up. It's easy and doesn't take much time, and it really works!
Damian D.

Judy, I think you did it!
It's early yet but the last few days have been remarkable. I've been busy and out-of-town but my allergies are for all intents gone.
This is staggering. I cut the grass after work today with no post-cutting reaction. Usually I'm a wreck after doing the lawn.
I've had no time for follow-up EFT work but will do some!
The day after my treatment I was repeatedly getting shocks from a shopping cart I was pushing around at Zehrs - proof that you had messed with my electrical system something fierce. It just kept happening, I'd touch the metal part of the cart and get sparked! It didn't bother me - it was simply amazing what you had done to my body! Anyway, I'll keep in touch, just wanted you to know it's looking good. You are amazing.

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