Distance Healing Testimonials

Thank you Judy for the amazing work that you do. At one point I was at a specialists' office for an appointment. As I sat in the waiting room, I could feel this energy around me and knew at once that you were working on me. I also knew that the specialist wouldn't be able to help me, I was already getting the help I needed. Thank you for sending me a wonderful sense of peace and calm to carry with me always. While I still don't entirely understand what you do, I'm so glad you do it! With MUCH appreciation
Bella M.

Our son has been doing really well. His teacher and principal have sent home positive comments in his school agenda the past few weeks. He has had quite a few perfect days whereas he never had a perfect day of school and was always getting into some sort of trouble. His behavior was really concerning for us, but we now seem to be heading in the right direction. He still gets into trouble once in a while but it is nothing major and what I see as typical behavior for a kid. Thank you for your help. What you do is amazing.
Lisa L.
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